Autographed Paperback Lola Hopscotch and the Spookaroo


A favorite autumn read-out-loud story for kids! Lola Hopscotch comes to the rescue, spreading kindness and helping others in this exciting new book in The Adventures of Lola Hopscotch picture book series for children.

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Lola Hopscotch is a bashful bunny who is confronted by mean-spirited children at school. Lola stands up for herself and overcomes her sadness, transforming her first day of school into a wondrous day of new friendship and adventure. This story deals with the issue of childhood bullying and rounds out with a wonderful communication hook, picturesque prose, and artistic illustrations by Lily Uivel. Lily captures Lola’s personality and surroundings perfectly as the little bunny triumphs past bashfulness and spreads kindness.


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