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The Fate and Fire Series


Book One of The Echoes of Witcher Mountain Duology

When Tessa Conley earns a scholarship to study in London, she’s locked in an ancient bookstore and transformed into a living, breathing gargoyle in this thrilling dark fantasy tale of magic, myth, and destiny.

She’s finally found a way out. Or so it seems…

Or has she simply traded one cage for another?

A trip to study in the UK triggers the impossible when Tessa Conley learns that beneath the skin and scales she’s not just an ordinary Southern Belle from Austin.

A Celtic demigoddess has fused her existence with Tessa, and much to Fate’s delight, mayhem ensues as Tessa struggles to embrace her new existence as a gargoyle with strong goddess tendencies.

The fight for her life is real.

Tessa’s inner conflict grows with the body count. Is killing still a sin if it’s done in the name of greater good?

Scales. Book One of the epic supernatural Fate and Fire series. Urban fantasy suspense you won’t want to put down.

Marie Whittaker’s novels will hold you spellbound from the first page to the last. Wise and witty, Amity proves she is a talent to watch!

                                                                  —David Farland, New York Times Bestseller

Phantom Limb

Book Two of The Fate and Fire Series

The evolution of hero takes time.

It’s not something that can be done or learned overnight.

This is my journey. Because when you’re a Celtic demigoddess, that’s what you do. But what about the girl I was before all of this? Does antique-and-book-nerd Tessa Conley still exist?

Weeks ago, the world as I knew it—as everyone knew it—became a whole different planet.

Other things live here, too. Ancient souls breath right alongside you and me. Gargoyles, Celtic gods, ethereal water beings, creatures thought only to live in dreams, nightmares, and fairy tales, fight to hold their ground.

And I am one of them; no longer human. I’d lost myself but gained new abilities. I will use them and exploit all I have for the good.

If I can just keep breathing.

Fate is on my trail and she’s a blithe and deadly hunter.

Phantom Limb. Book Two of the urban fantasy adventure Fate and Fire series.

‘”“With SCALES, newcomer Marie Whittaker kicks off the exciting new FATE AND FIRE series in big way. Wild, creepy, and deeply imaginative dark fantasy. Highly recommended.”

—Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of V-WARS and GLIMPSE

“The main draw for me with Scales was the protagonist, Tessa. She has a strong personal well of strength which is evident in everything she does. In a first person style book the person talking has to be sympathetic, enjoyed, and admired by the person reading it. The entire book rests on them. Tessa does not fail this test in any way. I liked her from the first page, and I never stopped.”

Fatma Alici

Gargoyles- the next “It” creature

A delightful escape! I’m not much into the fantasy genre normally but I picked up another book by Ms. Green called the Witcher Chimes and I’m hooked on this author. Witcher Chimes is also on the fantasy side but I thought it was going to be more on the paranormal side which I enjoy but it was a lucky accident. Her heroines are right on point and not puppets to fate. Her ability to paint a picture made the book almost a travelogue and I really feel the need to go to London and Scotland. I’m not really going to write much about the story line because I personally do not want to know a lot because I like the story to be a surprise but I will give you this because it comes up quickly in the book- Gargoyles! I do believe gargoyles are going to be the new “It” creature and this book would make a great movie. This book is enjoyable so give it a shot.

Jill Erolin

Reader and Reviewer

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