Phantom Limb

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The evolution of hero takes time.

It’s not something that can be done or learned overnight.

This is my journey. Because when you’re a Celtic demigoddess, that’s what you do. But what about the girl I was before all of this? Does antique-and-book-nerd Tessa Conley still exist?

Weeks ago, the world as I knew it—as everyone knew it—became a whole different planet.

Other things live here, too. Ancient souls breath right alongside you and me. Gargoyles, Celtic gods, ethereal water beings, creatures thought only to live in dreams, nightmares, and fairy tales, fight to hold their ground.

And I am one of them; no longer human. I’d lost myself but gained new abilities. I will use them and exploit all I have for the good.

If I can just keep breathing.

Fate is on my trail and she’s a blithe and deadly hunter.

Phantom Limb. Book Two of the urban fantasy adventure Fate and Fire series.

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