First Readers Wanted

I’ve recently finished a paranormal mystery set in my home town of Manitou Springs. I’ve read through it and I really need more eyes on it. I think the main things I’m looking for is to see if anything needs more fleshing out or description. And things like plot holes, of course! Please let me know if you’re interested in reading it. Here’s some information about the book:

The disappearance of a child leads to a deadly murder investigation in a town where the homeless population seems to have gone insane. The body count rises and the unexplained takes place. Is the terror created by vengeance and greed, or a deadly paranormal force?

Little Boy Lost is a paranormal mystery that has jaded reality-show paranormal investigator Tim Slade traveling to the mountain town of Manitou Springs, Colorado, which is known to harbor a large community of pagans and witches, both historically and in current times. Slade is well-known for two things: debunking claims of paranormal activity and hosting his reality TV show, Ghost Beat. Slade is contracted to document findings of an estranged husband’s cruel tricks against the man’s soon to be ex-wife after the death of the couple’s son. After years of hosting his show, traveling from fake case to fake case, Slade’s personal journey explodes as he is confronted by the most deadly and real haunting he’s ever encountered. And that’s not all. The case is entwined with a string of murders that rocks the small community and threatens the lives of a grieving woman and her sister.

This mystery will appeal to fans of Alexandra Oliva’s The Last One, and Grief Cottage by Gail Godwin. Little Boy Lost is a standalone novel with strong series potential. Tim Slade is a dynamic hero that will do anything it takes to stop two very different types of monsters from haunting a small town—a man whose greed consumes him and a spirit with a story to tell. 

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