I simply cannot believe it’s already July. I think the Colorado mountain weather agrees with me. Just three days ago the temperature made it to 90F. At least it didn’t hail. We’ve had plenty of rain so the gardens here at Penfield are flourishing. 

 Have I mentioned that Ronin and I are building a skoolie? My dream has been to travel around and write books in new, interesting settings. We’re making it happen! We considered buying an RV but I’ve always been leary of them because they seem to… well, break so easily. I don’t mean the motors, although that might be true, too, I mean that they crumble in fender-benders and blow over easily in strong wind. School buses are much safer. They’re trusted to transport little kiddos. I feel much better about doing it this way. I’ll get pictures for next time. 🙂

Featured Book of the Month

Scales: A Gargoyle Shapeshifter Fantasy Adventure

Just ninety nine pennies until the end of July!  Click the bookcover to get the deal.

Next Appearance

20Books Vegas! This amazing conference takes place from November 6 – 10. I’ll have my final teaching schedule soon. Vegas, baby!

On July 31 I’m off to teach the grad students in Gunnison at Western Colorado University for the week. They have a wonderful publishing program. I get to see some of my best friends and check out the wildflowers.

Eldros Legacy News

A new release from Aaron Rosenberg!

Missing mages, rapacious pirates, deadly storms—and a pair of young adventurers stuck in the middle…

The second in the Areyat Isles series of fantasy pirate mystery adventures set within the world of Eldros Legacy!

You can find both books in the Areyat Isles set here: https://books2read.com/rl/The-Areyat-Isles 

Lola Hopscotch News

I’m excited to announce that my book, Lola Hopscotch and the First Day of School, is available for FREE(!) as part of a promotion on Smashwords for the month of July as part of their Annual Summer/Winter Sale! This is a chance to get my book FREE, along with books from many other great authors, at a discount so you can get right to reading.

You will find the promo here starting on July 1.

Please share this promo with friends and family. You can even forward this email to the avid readers in your life!

Summertime with Lola Hopscotch! How about a new coloring page?  Click HERE to download a printable page to celebrate summer with Lola Hopscotch and Momma Rabbit during a bedtime story. Awwww! (Art by the super talented Lily Uivel)

Speaking of Lilies… The Mystery Lily is Revealed!

These lilies are a mystery from two years ago. They volunteered out of nowhere, and last year, just when they might bloom, deer ate all the buds. The Mystery Lilies are back! And just look at this gorgeous shade of dusty red!

Next time I’ll have photos from Gunnison and Crested Butte, plus some pictures of our Skoolie build. PLUS! A cover reveal for my newest Joe Ledger anthology!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your summer!


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