There’s A New Kid, Lola Hopscotch!

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A favorite wintertime read-out-loud story for kids! Lola Hopscotch makes a new friend at school and helps the new kid feel comfortable with others in this exciting new book in The Adventures of Lola Hopscotch picture book series for children.

It’s fluffy snowflakes and wintertime fun for Lola Hopscotch!

When Lola meets a new child at school, she’s very happy to make a new friend. But when the other children are too curious about her new friend’s appearance, the new kid is uncomfortable with their questions. Lola stands up to the school bullies and helps the new kid feel welcome.

The Adventures of Lola Hopscotch is a children’s picture book series focusing on spreading kindness, meant for adults to read with kids in order to foster communication about sensitive social issues from an early age.

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